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Nora Roussel has had affection for the water since her dad took her to her first swim lesson when she was 6 months old. At the young age of 6, she began swimming competitively. As time progressed, Nora became a lifeguard, pool director and has been involved with every facet of the pool. As soon as she was old enough she received her certifications through the American Red Cross and that began her career in aquatics.

Nora, an American Red Cross certified and experienced Water Safety Instructor, specializes in:
· Parent and Child Aquatics
· Preschool Aquatics
· Learn-to- Swim
· Adult Swim course
· Water Safety courses and presentations

In the past 15 years Nora has made it a priority responsibility to keep her certifications current and also to stay informed of the latest teaching techniques and practices. Through her experiences of lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons she has recognized the importance of providing people water survival and swimming techniques. Nora believes swimming is an important life skill that can help protect people in family and neighborhood pools, as well as the many bodies of water this beautiful Earth has to offer. Safety first!

Swimming Lessons Just for You


Nora tailors each lesson to support the specific needs of her students. There are many advantages to private lessons. The one-on- one contact and attention to detail that Nora provides is unlike any group lesson you might find in the valley. Whether you’re a beginner who is fearful or expert that just needs a refresher Nora has the lesson plan for you. Nora strongly recommends a minimum of two to three lessons a week, but if you have more time students can participate in up to six lessons a week. The more time a person spends in the pool practicing, the faster he/she will progress. Consistency is key, so it is important to maintain a regular schedule.

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Fun, Energetic, & Engaging

- Sabrina P.

Having a pool and small children makes me so nervous so teaching them to swim early was my number one priority. Nora did a phenomenal job teaching the kids (2 and 4 years old) in terms they could understand. I even saw them practicing and reciting her words when she wasn't around. I was quite shocked she was able to teach my 2 year old, who has a very difficult time focusing. We'd highly recommend Nora to any parent with a pool!