Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age for my child to start taking lessons?

The younger the better, but it is never too late! Children must be at least 6 months old to begin swim lessons with Swim with Nora. Children who are exposed to swimming before they are 2 years old usually have an easier time since they have not yet developed fear and anxiety that can be related to water experiences.

Do I need to be in the pool with my child for lessons?

No, since Swim with Nora keeps the student:teacher ratio low it is not necessary for you to be in the pool. In some cases having a parent present can be more distracting for the child. There is always the exception. If you prefer to be in the pool with your child, just ask!

Can I watch my child’s lessons?

You are more than welcome to watch your child’s lessons. In order to create the necessary bond and trust between student and instructor the least amount of distractions are necessary. If your presence seems to be a distraction you may be asked to watch the lessons out of the sight of your child.

How often should I schedule lessons?

Swim with Nora recommends daily lessons or a minimum of three lessons a week. Consistency is key, so it is important to maintain a regular schedule.

How many lessons will it take for my child or myself to learn to swim?

There is no exact answer since everyone develops at a different rate. Most swimmers will achieve basic safety skills in 4-8 weeks if they attend at least 3 lessons a week. There is always the exception. Fear and anxiety can lengthen the process.

Go to the Book Now! page for details about Nora's offerings and look over the calendar for her most up to date availability. Contact Nora with your details and she will get you booked ASAP! If you have questions about the booking process you can always contact Nora by email: or call/text: 774-722-0155.

Where do swim lessons take place?

All lessons take place in the comfort and privacy of your own pool.

What if I don’t have a backyard pool?

If you do not have your own private pool there are still options. Swim lessons can be conducted in your housing community pool (HOA pool, condo pool, apartment pool, hotel, resort pool, fitness center, public pool, etc). If you have a friend or family member with a pool that is willing to host that is another option, too. If you are using a pool that is not your own please make sure to contact the facility to confirm they allow outside private swim instructors. 

Why do you only offer private, semi-private, or small group lessons?

It has been proven that lower student:teacher ratios provide the best teaching conditions. This allows Nora to plan each lesson based on the learning style and development of each student. During a 30-minute private swim lesson your child receives her full attention for 30 minutes. In contrast, during a 30-minute group lesson with 5 or more students your child receives about 6 minutes or less of the instructor’s full attention.

How do I cancel if my child is sick?

Please call or text Nora at your earliest convenience if you are unable to attend a lesson.

Do lessons ever get canceled due to weather?

If it is raining very hard or there is lightning in the area your swim lesson will be rescheduled for safety reasons. Nora will make every effort to contact you ahead of time to reschedule the lesson if this occurs. If the weather occurs after my arrival the full lesson fee will be charged.

What happens if the instructor cancels a lesson?

If Nora cancels a lesson for any reason that is unrelated to weather she will contact you and make every effort to reschedule free of charge.

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